Comparing Stretch Mark Creams

Stretch mark removal cream alleges to have the ability to get rid of or reduce the appearance of stretch marks. The medical term that is used to refer to them is striae distensae. However, not all of these creams are as effective as they claim to be. Having the knowledge on how to make comparisons of cream for stretch mark will really aid you to select the most effective one. It is worth it to avoid the products that do not work as you will be able to save yourself some amount of money. To make it even better, you will be able to truly get rid of the stretch marks.



  • Notepad and pen
  • Internet access
Comparing Stretch Mark Creams

Comparing Stretch Mark Creams

You first ought to have a clear understanding of what stretch marks are. Stretch marks refer to permanent reddish or whitish scars that resemble stripes on one’s skin. They are usually a result of skin distension caused by dramatic growth, pregnancy or weight gain. It is possible for them to appear on anybody but alterations in the production of hormones seem to bear a connection to the appearance of stretch marks. A number of people are more prone to getting stretch marks than others and this suggests a genetic relation.

Evaluate the list of ingredients that has been given on the package of the cream for stretch mark. Carry with you a pen and a notebook when you go to the store. Note down all the active ingredients that have been listed and also the order that they have been listed in. Make use of the list later as you are carrying out research on the ingredients and make comparisons of various brands of creams.

Carry out research on the active ingredients that are present in the stretch mark cream. Make use of the internet. Search for clinical research data that shows how effective these creams are. A number of the manufacturers of these creams claim effectiveness of their creams but they do not have any clinical evidence to back up their claims. However, a number of the creams do contain effective ingredients.

Search for active ingredients that work on layers of the skin that are found deeper inside. Stretch marks start from the skin’s deepest layers and this then goes to say that the everyday creams will not really get rid of them. Generally as tretch mark removal cream that works effectively isone that has been proven to be able to generally get rid of scars.

Take a look at the inactive ingredients that have been listed on the cream. Initially, a number of the active ingredients contained in these creams might cause a bit of minor skin irritation and having additional colorings or fragrances on the cream might serve to further aggravate the irritation. Apart from that, extra ingredients do come at an extra cost.

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