Useful Information on Curing Stretch Marks

What is stretch mark? Stretch mark is the scarring of the skin when it is overstretched. Although human skin is fairly elastic and manages pulling and stretching during our muscle movement but a rapid growth or overstretching can lead to a stretch mark.

During puberty most girls experience stretch marks and then look up for stretch mark information. Boys usually notice them when they start excessive bodybuilding. Both of these factors contribute to rapid growth of body. During puberty when fats start to accumulate under the skin it leads to stretching of the skin. When the rate at which this fat is deposited is increased than the formation of collagen, protein responsible for skins elasticity, purple or red scars appear which have a different texture than the skin around it. These are stretch marks. Stretch marks are mostly found where the skin is thin as collagen formation here can be easily disrupted.

Curing stretch marks to get sexy body

Curing stretch marks to get sexy body

Although stretch marks are harmless on their own and do not cause any pain, their appearance on skin means the skin is stretching more than it should, which is fine during puberty and bodybuilding. But in case of adult stretch marks are shown either in pregnancy or when a person crosses the line from being fat to being obese.

Causes and symptoms of stretch mark as described above have contribution of a number of other factors as well. Dry skin tends to develop stretch marks much faster than a moisturized skin. Heredity determines the rate at which collagen is developed. In case the collagen development is slow the appearance of stretch marks would be rapid and the time it takes for them to disappear would be greater. In case of a genetic disorder collagen formation between the scars can take several years. Many medications are available which can speed up the process and surgery is also an option.

The three types in which stretch marks are now divided are pregnancy related, hormonal disturbance and muscle building. Pregnancy, obesity and body building cause stretch marks by overstretching of skin but in case of hormonal disturbances stretch marks can appear without any stretching. This is because hormones effect the collagen formation and in some cases even destroy collagen around skin causing stretch marks. In such cases diagnoses of the root cause is important and has to be eliminated. That is why these painless and minor stretch marks are needed to be taken seriously as they can be an indication of some hidden disease.

In brief stretch marks are the painless scars that appear on the skin, either red or purple in color, having a different texture than the rest of the skin and are an indication of overstretching of the skin or damage to the collagen due to hormonal disturbances within the body. It takes several months for them to disappear and sometimes require medication and surgery for collagen build up. It itself is not a disease but can be an indication of one.

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