What You Mean By Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks result from the rapid skin stretching that is associated with rapid growth. There are a lot of methods which are recommended for stretch mark removal but it should be noted that the stretch marks in most cases do not end up being completely removed.

What is stretch mark? Stretch marks as they are mostly referred to by both doctors and patients, these are blemishes which can develop on any part of a persons’ skin. Usually, they occur due to the skin being stretched due to pregnancy, increase in weight or any other reason. These stretch marks affect people in all genders and ages; however in most cases particularly they affect pregnant mothers. Stretch marks are a cosmetic blight most of as will encounter at some point in our lives.

What is stretch mark?

What is stretch mark?

Stretch marks are generally associated with obesity and pregnancy.However; they can also occur during rapid muscle growth .They can be characterized by the ripping of the upper skin layer, epidermis, leaving scars on the surface of the skin. There is plenty of stretch mark information online that can help you to either prevent or remove stretch marks.

Technically called striae atrophicae, stretch marks when starting are reddish brown, very dark brown, brown or pink streaks. Which with time, they turn off-color in shade. Although it is impossible to totally get rid of stretch marks, it is possible to lighten them to quite a good extent. Stretch marks are most popularly, found on the breasts, thighs, hips and butt region. There are a number of reasons for stretch marks to occur.

Stretch marks are lines which are thin and wavy of any length which appear on a person’s skin. When the marks appear first, they will commonly be purple or dark red. The color normally fades with time; in fact, stretch marks can even eventually fade to the level that they only have a minor difference in color compared to the other skin parts.

Although the marks may come upon any part of a person’s body, they develop most often in places which store excess fat and, mainly in ladies, in places which become mature at puberty. Most girls start feeling insecure when they start developing stretch marks, especially if they do not have prior information on their predisposition to stretch marks. This necessitates girls to be given stretch mark information early in school so that they can know what is happening to their bodies.

Areas that are common include the upper arms, hips and thighs. They can also come up on the knees and around the buttocks. Stretch marks will commonly appear around the area of the breasts of girls who are maturing. Pregnant women are nearly guaranteed to develop stretch marks in the abdomen by the start of their third trimester. If you have been wondering what those marks are, this information on causes and symptoms of stretch marks now makes it easy for you to define whether what you have are or are not stretch marks.

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